We offer professional technical assistance and consultancy in order to find the perfect solution and the ideal product for your requirements and application.

Building Industry

Due to being a new and innovative high-performance insulation, the application areas of Vacuum-Insulation-Panels have not been fully discovered yet and thus its full potential is relatively unknown to the industry. Therefore, we organize trainings and information events for interested users in order to present our products and provide interesting and useful information about the varied fields of application of the Vacuum-Insulation-Panels.

We constantly further develop our products by cooperating with architecture firms and customers in order to produce and adapt our products more efficiently. Building material retailer, based in different regions, provide assistance and knowledge to our clients and also handle the distribution of Vaku-Isotherm’s products. Working very closely with our customers is very important to us.


  • Fast delivery within 10 working days (depending on the project)*
  • Reliable and professional service will assist you throughout the whole construction process
  • Custom-fit laying plans created by our professionals and our vakuVIP planning software ensures a perfect insulation of the final building
  • Customised products: special formats or models (e.g. VIPs with special shapes)
  • Trainings available on request (e.g. for the foreman on construction site)
    *Deviations due to unpredictable events possible

Industry + Hot Water Tanks + Cooling Devices:

  • Free prototype & sample production within a short period of time (depending on the project)
  • Trainings on application and technology of Vacuum-Insulation-Panels at your company available on request

Logistics + Thermoboxes:

  • Performing thermal simulation tests in cooperation with our partner Schaumaplast in order to identify your requirements
  • Free prototype & sample production within a short period of time (depending on the project)

Research & Development: 

The following Laboratory tests of your high-performance insulation are available on request:

  • Heat conductivity value
  • Compression stress
  • Measurement of the internal pressure
  • Tensile strength
  • ... further tests on request

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