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vakuVIP Thermobox receives the Pack the Future Award 2017

Our brand new VakuVIP Thermobox, which was specially designed and developed for the transportation of thermosensitive goods, has been awarded the Pack the Future Award 2017 in the category Safe Food.

An unbroken Cold-Chain can be guaranteed for several days without demand for any electricity. Thus, the quality of the goods transported is ensured and consequently patient safety along the whole supply chain enhanced.

As the test in the climatic chamber, conducted by the TÜV, approves, the inner temperature can be kept between 2°C to 8°C for at least 96 h depending on the environmental temperature. Furthermore, the temperature outside does not have any impact on the choice of the cooling elements, only on the holding time of the temperature inside.

The special material composition of the EPP-Frame not only enhances the insulation effect additionally, it also provides excellent protection for the goods transported. Furthermore, longevity and multiple uses in all fields of application are guaranteed.

The Vacuum-Insulation-Panels are the heart of the VakuVIP Thermobox. All sides of the box are equipped with these panels. This 360° insulation does not only keep the temperature inside the box constant, it furthermore blocks external temperature impacts.

The inner tray is made of materials which are approved for the direct contact with food. It can be totally adapted to the cargo on customer's request. Furthermore, the inside Tray protects the VIPs from any damage that might be caused by dust particles and water.

The combination of an EPP-Frame, VIPs and an Inner-Tray is one of a kind.

  • Energy saving
  • Sustainable production
  • Appropriate cooling elements for all temperature ranges
  • 100% verification of the compliance of the cold chain by data loggers
  • Long product life cycle

For more information please contact our specialist Mr. Backmann: 

Mail: box@vaku-isotherm.de

Tel.: +49 37206 8914 15