Eine innovative Dämmung braucht nicht viel Platz zwischen WARM & KALT.

Vaku-Isotherm – you can rely on us! That is proven.

How? - Through the RAL quality mark for vacuum insulation panels.

When selecting products and services, anyone who attaches importance not only to high quality but also to other aspects such as sustainability, environmental friendliness, safety or special customer service will benefit from RAL quality assurance. This is because it stands for more quality. It requires marked products and services to be better than prescribed by standards or legal regulations.

Vaku-Isotherm is one of only two manufacturers worldwide which has been awarded the RAL quality seal for vacuum insulation panels. Thus we can keep our claim - to assure our customers constantly more quality - and offer security at the same time.

It is important to us to ensure the quality of our products as well as to carry out internal and external tests in order to comply with values. Only in this way are we able to consistently respond to customer wishes and market requirements in the long term.

The RAL quality assurance system guarantees neutrality and objectivity. In addition, the underlying quality and testing regulations are adapted to new requirements on a regular basis and as needed. In this way, the regulations always remain up to date. RAL quality marks are therefore neutral, objective proof of quality assurance, i.e. of constantly monitored quality.