Eine innovative Dämmung braucht nicht viel Platz zwischen WARM & KALT.

NEW: vakuVIP Heat360 Pro

Stricter requirements in energy efficiency standards make it necessary to use high performance insulation materials also in boilers and hot water tanks. Since September 2015 also these products need to be labelled with an energy label within the European Union. Customers are more sensitive to the use of energy efficient products. With conventional insulation materials it is nearly not possible to achieve high grades (such as class A) without vacuum insulation panels. The reason is that space is very limited in rooms where boilers and tanks usually run. Conventional insulation material would need too much space for high grade energy efficiency. For this purpose we developed a special product using vacuum insulation technology: vakuVIP 360Pro. 

The product is specially made to resist higher temperatures and it is perfectly pre-shaped 360° to fit your application / system. In addition to that we are using a special composition of the core material to achieve a lower heat conductivity value than usual: 0.0035 W/mK. The result is a product which needs significantly less space than conventional products with a better insulation effect. Lower energy consumption and lower operating expenses are true benefits for the customer and the environment. Please contact us for more information.