Eine innovative Dämmung braucht nicht viel Platz zwischen WARM & KALT.

ultraVIP - the perfect terrace insulation

ultraVIP Element

ultraVIP is the perfect solution for trace insulation. The core consists of our vakuVIP B2 element which is protected by a PU coating on the one side and gum on the other side. The outlier consists of PU which makes it possible to adapt/cut it to any geometry on the building site. Vaku-Isotherm delivers custom made ultraVIP panels according to any dimensions within 5-10 weekdays inclusive layout drawing. All panels are made 100% in Germany at Vaku-Isotherm with a lifetime longer than 30 years and heat conductivity lower than 0.007 W/mK. For more information please contact us under info@vaku-isotherm.de.