HIgh Performance Insulation

Industrial Applications


Our products for industrial applications

The demand for energy efficient solutions in the industrial sector is growing. Reasons are:

  • Scientifically proven climate change and the goal to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Trade with CO2 certificates
  • Saving Energy = Saving Expenses

As no industrial application is the same and has different requirements for an efficient insulation material we do have only few types of products in our portfolio in this sector. We will rather manufacture the specific vacuum insulation panel according to your specification (for example in terms of mechanical stability, flexibility, heat conductivity value, 2D shape, 3D shape). Send us your requirements and we will try hard to even exceed your expectations. 

  • Vacuum insulation without compromises 
  • Customized VIPs according to your application and specification
  • Dedicated R&D team
  • Various 3D geometries possible
  • High temperature applications: The core of the vacuum insulation panel is not flammable therefore ideally suited for high temperature applications - heat conductivity value lower than 0.02 W/mK


  • Pipelines
  • Water treatment systems (for example for highly purified water)
  • High temperature applications (ovens, etc.)

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