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Vaku-Isotherm was founded by Rainer Baars in Seifersbach in 2005. The family business, which is currently managed in the 2nd generation, has been constantly growing and has consequently become a leading manufacturer of high-performance Insulation in Germany. This was partially caused by the increasing energy awareness in all areas. Vacuum-insulation is the most efficient tool in this matter.

Due to keeping growing, the company had to move to the adjacent Sachsenburg/Frankenberg in 2011 in order to expand the production capacity. The move furthermore enabled the production to be adjusted to the latest standards which consequently enhanced its efficiency. Additionally, the new plant is well connected to A4 motorway which guarantees easy access for visitors and suppliers.

Since its foundation Vaku-Isotherm has specialised on manufacturing of Vacuum-Insulation-Panels (VIPs) for a wide range of applications, such as construction industry, cooling and heating technologies as well as industry and logistics solutions. The application area is constantly growing due to the exceptional characteristic of Vacuum-Insulation-Panels. Wherever space is limited but insulation requirements are high, VIPs are the ideal component.

Continuous investments in a modern production line combined with a strong research and development department will help Vaku-Isotherm further develop its position as a leading manufacturer of Vacuum-Insulation-Panels. The development potentials and the fields of application of the VIPs are far from being exhausted.

The Vaku-Isotherm GmbH is member of the GSH (Gütegeminschaft Hartschaum e.V. / product group: vacuum-insulation. All of our products are subject to strict quality criteria and external monitoring conducted by recognised testing authorities. This ensures that the Vacuum-Insulations-Panels made by Vaku-Isotherm meet the highest quality standards. In spring 2009 our company was awarded the RAL-quality mark.

There will always be a demand for innovative solution on the insulation market. So, we frequently talk to our customers in order to fulfil their wishes and challenges even better. By cooperating with our clients, we are able further develop our products more efficiently. Vaku-Isotherm’s great working flexibility, short decision-making channels and creative solutions will continuously strengthen our market position

We deliver our products all over the world and are proud of our network consisting of Customers, Partners and Suppliers.

In order to ensure a high-level of quality, we consistently use high-grade raw materials, such as the coated foil, along the whole production process. Additionally, all of the products have been approved by extensive laboratory and practice tests bevor they transfer from a visionary stage into a serial product.

Illustrated in the picture above is one of our machines used for evacuating the air out of the heart of the core. The specified parameters impact the final thermal conductivity of the Vacuum-Insulation-Panel significantly. Continuous training of all our staff as well as regular maintenances of our machines provide the essential base for our high-quality vakuVIP product line.

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